We are queer-owned and not-for-profit, and we are always looking for new things to stock, specifically handmade items by queer artists and artists of colour. Please get in touch if you’d like to stock at the shop - we love zines, comics, sculpture, clothing, jewellery, t-shirts, badges, patches, independently released records and tapes, and affordable art. Anything queer, punk and beautiful (or ugly).

We take a percentage of the sale price, which is re-invested into the space to help us pay our rent, create new facilities, host more workshops, subsidise places in the workshops for low-income and marginalised people, and keep making the space better and better.


Here comes the science bit. We take all stock on consignment - you deliver or post us your items, and we pay you every month for what has been sold. You can set your own wholesale and retail prices. As artists ourselves, we want to pay our stockists what they deserve, whilst also making enough money to keep running the space.

If you would prefer to avoid working out percentages, you can tell us how much you’d like to make from the item, and we can choose the price we sell it for. If you want to make $10 for your item, we will set the retail price at around $14 - you keep the $10 and we keep the $4.

We suggest that you set your wholesale price to be between 60 and 75% of the retail price. If you are an experienced seller that sells at lots of different places and at a higher volume, you might be comfortable selling at a 50% wholesale price, which is pretty standard for a lot of retail shops. This means that if your item’s retail price is $10, you make $5 and we take $5.

If you are a smaller independent artist, you might be more comfortable selling at a 75% wholesale price - meaning that if your item’s retail price is $10, you make $7.50 and we take $2.50.

We leave the decision on your pricing up to you, and we’re happy to advise if you’re not sure.

For all Indigenous artists, we do a 90% rate. So if your item sells for $10, you make $9 and we take $1.

If you’d like to stock with us, please send us an email at or fill out the form below with some examples of your work, and we’ll get back to you asap. Thank you!

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Please send us a link to your instagram or your work online somewhere, or when we reply you can attach some pics.

Thank you!