Rosaleen Ryan

‘I started creating jewellery and sculptures after a few experiments for my University work at the Victorian College of Arts in Melbourne, Australia. I was experimenting with 'Memento Mori' and embedding hair in Resin as a contemporary homage to the Victorian era and ideals. My initial fascination and love of hair began to combine with resin and resin jewellery, and I found myself becoming more of a jewellery designer than a contemporary artist. I began imagining ways in which I could embed other 'memories' and mementos, and experimented with flowers of sentimental value to myself; bouquets of dried flowers given to me from lovers and friends, dried posies from my mothers garden, and flowers picked by myself on long walks and on other adventures. For this reason, each flower embedded in a MAMORU design is personally chosen based on it's value to me, and very rarely do I allow custom orders to feature flowers that have not been acquired by myself.  

Among my collaborations I have worked with artists such as Ai Nishimoto, Caitlin She, Ashley Ronning, Sacreflux, Ciao Mariko, and also collaborated with retail stores such as Before March in Northcote, and RUBY in New Zealand.’

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