Esther Olsson

Esther Olsson is a 23-year-old emerging artist from Melbourne, Australia. With a qualification in graphic design, she works as an assistant for Melbourne artists Kirra Jamison and Beci Orpin. Esther has had exposure to the creative industry throughout her studies and now beyond, as she eases into the art community establishing her growing body of work to the public. Her works are vibrant narratives that generate graphic grid systems, playing off Esther’s imaginative worlds. She is excited about continuing to cultivate her vision and exploring new avenues in the art community, in both Melbourne and beyond.

‘The material I utilise for my work is gouache on paper, and my treatment is by means of flat application. My stylistic method incorporates a complimentary integration of the grid system and reference to popular culture, in particular that which engages hip-hop sensibilities and dispositions. My intention is to generate joyous and light-hearted imagery. Popular recurring symbols I implement include deadly animals, sports, the female anatomy, plants and physical emotions.  My own personal philosophy that manifests within my work is to approach life with a sense of humour and joviality.’

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