The Pink Ember directors <3


Frances Cannon

Frances Cannon (she/her) works predominantly in drawing and painting in ink, gouache and watercolour. Much of her work focuses on the body and the psyche and can be viewed as diaristic, as it is primarily based on personal experience. Frances' work examines what it’s like to be a woman in contemporary times; looking at ideas of body-love and body-loathing, anxiety, relationships, sex and sexuality, gender, and bodily functions.  



Gemma Flack

Gemma Flack (they/them) is a tattooer, artist, zinemaker and musician making work about cute and angry femmes; exploring themes of identity, vulnerability, feminism, gender, mental health, queerness, self-discovery, and coming to terms with the concept of existing as a human. Their tattoo work is a celebration of colour, joy and gentleness, with a focus on reclaiming and relating to the body, and decorating our transient vessels with our identities.



Aoife Billings

Aoife (she/her) is a textiles based artist who works mainly with embroidery, and regularly teaches textiles and sewing workshops. Siblings Aoife and Aaron work together as Bats of Leisure - providing an alternative to the lure of fast fashion, and an indulgence in the beauty of textiles and clothing through creating, without contributing to the continuation of the current structure of the fashion industry - the second most harmful industry on our planet, second only to oil and coal.



Aaron Billings

Aaron (he/him) makes work featuring the male form, particularly the feminised male form. Aaron focuses on versions of masculinities that mess with gender representation, alternatives to capitalism, and resisting homogenisation. His work through the medium of zines, comics, books, and textiles ties in to queer art through history, exploring queer political power and agency, and resistance to heteronormative ways of seeing.